Google released Wear OS Developer Preview

Google выпустила Wear OS Developer Preview

Google has released a test build OS Wear Developer Preview, which brings on a wearable device some features from the Android P.

The changes are available immediately:

  • Dark theme GUI installed by default.
  • To increase the stability of applications developers should not use interfaces that are not part of the SDK.

Changes are unfolding gradually:

  • Apps can’t run in the background. The exceptions are the dials and widgets on them. Standby will continue to work.
  • Auto disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE when the watch is removed from the hand for a long time.
  • Disabling Wi-Fi when Bluetooth is turned off in cases where the watch is not on charging, and the applications do not require a network with high bandwidth.

Wear OS Developer Preview is not stable build intended for developers. Its setting is made manually only for the Huawei Watch 2 and Watch 2 Classic.

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