Google is preparing a retina display for VR glasses

Google готовит сверхчёткий дисплей для VR-очков

According to the published program Google at the annual exhibition, Display Week, held from 22 to 24 may in Los Angeles, the company will present a display for virtual reality glasses with a pixel density of 1443 dots per inch.

4.3-inch OLED display with aspect ratio 16:9 will get a resolution of 18 MP (~5657×3182 points), and the screen refresh rate is 120 Hz. For reference: VR glasses with a refresh rate of less than 90 Hz can cause nausea and dizziness.

Processing images with a resolution of 5657×3182 points will require a powerful computing device. It is assumed that to reduce the system requirements for VR glasses with these displays will be applied the technology of «hole course rendering» presented by Google researchers last year. The technology includes several methods of rendering images. They all boil down to the reduction of detail images outside the center of the field of view of the user.

Last year Google announced the collaboration with one of the leading manufacturers of OLED displays, resulting in display for virtual reality helmets.


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