For authorization in «Yandex.Taxi» drivers will soon have to do a selfie and to read the text

Yandex is testing a more reliable authorization system for drivers of the service «Yandex. Taxi».

All drivers are now tied to the application «Taximeter», where the construction of routes, orders coming and keep records of funds. To confirm the identity simply enter the phone number and the password from SMS, but soon that will change.

In addition to entering phone and password, you will have to take a selfie and read a short text. These data will be used to log in to the app and access to customer data. The developers of «Yandex» promise that technology facial recognition and voice accurate to 90% and is able to find the driver, even if he grow a mustache or change the timbre of the voice.

The new system will be implemented in several stages: first, collection of data, and only then the introduction of authorization in the face and voice in all the regions of «Yandex. Taxi».

The introduction of new functions has used a proprietary computer vision technology and complex speech technology SpeechKit with artificial neural networks.


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