Feature film about Sonic will be released in November 2019

Полнометражная картина про Соника выйдет в ноябре 2019 года

The first feature film about the fastest sonic the hedgehog will be released on November 15, 2019, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The Director of the film will be Jeff Fowler, who directed the animated film «Gopher broke off». The spot’s Executive producer, took the Tim Miller — directed the first film adaptation about the Marvel comics character Deadpool.

The film will be a mixture of the game of live actors and computer graphics. Until October of last year the rights to the film belonged to Sony, but then passed into the hands of Paramount Pictures.

One of the most successful series in video game history Sonic the Hedgehog takes its beginning in 1991. A key character of the series is sonic the blue hedgehog, able to accelerate more than the speed of light.


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