At the headquarters of YouTube, an armed attack

На штаб-квартиру YouTube совершено вооружённое нападение

April 3 at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno, California, began shooting. Witnesses reported shots fired on site. The police confirmed that the campus is unknown smuggled weapons. Some workers managed to escape, some barricaded in the offices.

Vadim Lavrusik, product Manager of the company, reports about an active shooting on campus. He along with his colleagues locked themselves in the room.

Another Manager Todd Sherman writes that the first people thought about the earthquake.

«We were sitting in a meeting, and then heard a thump on the floor. At first I thought that it was an earthquake. Outside the room, we still didn’t understand what was happening, but saw even more people fleeing. It was clear that something serious, not a drill. We ran to the door, and then saw even more people, and then someone said there was an armed man. Damn. Then I saw the arrow in each counter. Someone said the attackers shot through the back door, and then committed suicide. I looked down and saw drops of blood on the floor and steps. I looked around, and then we continued to go down. Ran into the street, I saw police arrived, they had rifles. They outlined the situation and ran on to meet up with colleagues. Now I’m going home on Uber, I hope it’s all right.»

Twitter of police of San Bruno asked to stay away from the scene of the attack.

Police began to evacuate staff from campus with their hands up.

The identity of the assailant and motives remain unknown. However, according to media reports, the shooter was a white woman. The number of victims is also unknown, but according to some sources, from 2 to 37 persons. There are dead.

FOX News will broadcast live from the event.

Twitter Communications Google writes that the company is cooperating with authorities and will inform the relevant information at a glance.

The police are officially informed about four victims. They were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. A female shooter was found dead. Apparently she committed suicide.


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