Apple hired the head of search and artificial intelligence Google

Apple наняла главу отдела поиска и искусственного интеллекта Google

John Giannandrea, the former head of search and AI division of Google, will be one of 16 leaders who personally submit to the Executive Director Tim cook.

According to analysts of Silicon valley, Apple is lagging behind competitors in the field of artificial intelligence and neural networks. Giannandrea that introduced AI in search, Gmail and Google Assistant is supposed to help to catch up with Google and Amazon, including losing to rivals assistant Siri. In a letter to employees, Tim cook noted that Giannandrea «shares our desire for privacy,» therefore do not worry about what Apple will be to collect more data for training neural networks.

Google is also changing: the head of AI will be Jeff Dean, who was managing the research project, Google Brain. The position of the head of the search unit is Ben Gomez, present Vice President search engineering.

The New York Times


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