Xiaomi will launch two smartphones on the Android One

Xiaomi выпустит два смартфона на Android One

One of the users XDA Developers received part of the files from the firmware two Xiaomi smartphones with the code names «jasmine_sprout» and «daisy_sprout». The word «sprout» is used in all technical naming devices based on Android One, which confirms the development of at least a couple of devices on Android from the Chinese company.

Xiaomi выпустит два смартфона на Android One1

Xiaomi выпустит два смартфона на Android One2

Xiaomi выпустит два смартфона на Android One3

Available files it is known that «jasmine_sprout» is the international version of Xiaomi Mi 6X. The novelty will receive the Snapdragon chipset 660 and the same camera modules. The handset will get Android 8.1, which means support Project Treble.

«Daisy_sprout» will receive the Snapdragon 625, and Mi A1. Most likely, the smartphone will belong to the budget line Redmi. This is indirectly confirmed by Xiaomi CEO lei Jun.

Yes, we plan to expand the line of smartphones on Android One. Some of our users in India seem to love stock Android, so we can develop more devices on the platform Android One smartphones including the Redmi.

Android One series of smartphones with the installed unmodified Android OS that gets updates directly from Google. The platform was launched in 2014 and has over 30 devices.

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