Xiaomi became the fourth smartphone manufacturer in the world

Xiaomi стала четвёртым производителем смартфонов в мире

In a report from Strategy Analytics says that the growth in the supply of smartphones Oppo, which lasted eight consecutive quarters, has decreased to almost zero. This has allowed Xiaomi to displace a competitor with a fourth place in the ranking of mobile vendors by number of shipments in the first quarter of 2018.

Shipments of smartphones (million units) 4th quarter 2017 1st quarter 2018
Samsung 80,2 The 78.2
Apple 50,8 52,2
Huawei 34,5 39,3
Xiaomi 12,6 28,3
Oppo 27,6 24,1
Other 148,1 123,3
Just 353,8 Of 345, 4

Xiaomi managed to double the number of shipped smartphones has also increased the proportion of Apple and Huawei. In General, the first quarter of 2018 sent to 8 million units less than at the end of last year.

The percentage of vendors (%) 4th quarter 2017 1st quarter 2018
Samsung 22.7% of 22,6%
Apple 14.4% of 15,1%
Huawei 9,8% 11.4% of
Xiaomi 3,6% 8.2% of
Oppo 7.8% of 7,0%
Other 41.9% of the 35.7% of

Significant growth of Xiaomi on the background of General decline due to active expansion on the Indian and Asian markets.

Strategy Analytics


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