Victims of Roskomnadzor: someone hooked the struggle of control with Telegram

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram

Monday April 16, according to the judgment of the Taganskiy district court of Moscow, the providers and operators have begun to block the Telegram. The company Pavel Durov, using cunning scheme, immediately began to circumvent the restrictions via IP addresses, Amazon and Google. As a result, the messenger continued to work without VPN and Proxy.

After that Roskomnadzor decided to block all these IP addresses. The total number of such addresses in your registry for errors has exceeded 2 million. This mass block has influenced the work of many services, stores, and apps that have nothing to do with the Telegram and are not in the registry of Roscomnadzor.

At the time of this writing, nearly 5 million blocked IP addresses:

  • 1 786 539 IP addresses Amazon
  • 2 572 860 Google IP addresses

Updated (17.04 14:53): another million Blocked Google IP addresses, subnet Already blocked 6 million, and the Telegram continues to work.

Updated (17.04 15:18): 16 million addresses blocked Roscomnadzor!

Proxy and VPN

The owners of proxy servers and VPN RCN sent out notification about blocking their services for «calls to extremism and mass riots». The full text of the letter published Alexander Litreyev, owner @VeeSecurity.

Under lock got server @socks5_bot, as well as sites and Themselves, however, proxies continue to work.

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On April 16th, the messenger Viber began failures in the voice calls. 22:50 Moscow time the problems were resolved, according to

Online video games

Players reported issues logging into the online game, which used Amazon.

Among them:

  • Splatoon 2
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Guns of Boom
  • Vainglory
  • Lineage 2: Revolution
  • Star Citizen

Messenger TomTom

The main Russian alternative to Telegram was also unavailable for some users. Basically, the complaints were referred to the web version of messenger.

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram1

Services Microsoft

Lock addresses hooked to Microsoft Office 365 and Windows update services and Xbox.


Music streaming service, which officially launched in Russia, stopped working first on the web, and later mobile apps.

3DSecure MasterCard

The gateway is required to make online payment MasterCard began to malfunction. Users complained about the inability to confirm transactions via SMS.

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram2

With the most popular Technoforum has been removed the page is about Telegram at the request of Roskomnadzor. This was confirmed by one of the resource managers.

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram3

APK Mirror

The most known service distribution installation apk files apps for Android received a letter from Roskomnadzor with the requirement to limit the dissemination of Telegram for Russian users.


Publishing that publishes various tips from different fields became unavailable in either the web version or through a mobile app. The editorial recommends the use of VPN.

Product Manager coupon service Alexey Panfilov reported that Roskomnadzor has reached their servers. After 2 hours, the work was restored.


The social network has failures, it is complained by some users. The company confirmed the existence of problems and have addressed them.

Google Photos

Twitter user complained about the unavailability of Google service for storing photos and videos. It is unknown if the issue is resolved.

Service courier «Bird»

The head of the company Vladimir Kobzev said on full lock courier service. The work of the «birds» at the moment, restored.

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Online English school Skyeng

Company representatives told about the partial blocking of the servers and prepared an alternative mirror to bypass.

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PlayStation Network

The service, which includes store digital content and conduct multiplayer games, partly not working. The PlayStation store is mostly functional, but access to a list of friends and hangouts, users have no.

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram4


Roskomnadzor has blocked the official website. No comment.

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram5


American online cinema has died.

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram6


16:50 GMT there is a problem with the availability of the web version of Twitter. But the failures were observed not only in Russia but throughout the world.

Пострадавшие от Роскомнадзора: кого зацепила борьба регулятора с Telegram7


According to unconfirmed reports, also affected users of Alfa-Bank and Sberbank.

Updated (17.04 17:00): the Culmination of all the action the RCN was the statement about the alleged DDoS attack, which brought down the website of the Department. But most likely, it is the fruit of the labors of the same ILV.


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