Tim cook: «the Unification of iOS and macOS is not what the users want»

Тим Кук: «Объединение iOS и macOS — это не то, чего хотят пользователи»

Apple CEO Tim cook at the event in Chicago has announced that it considers the merging of iOS and macOS unreasonable. At the end of last year there were rumors that the American company will allow developers to create universal apps for both operating systems.

We do not believe that iOS and macOS should join. One of the reasons so wonderful of both systems is that they are ground under certain tasks. And if you decide to combine them, you will have to put up with the compromises.

Meanwhile, Apple wants to make the transition between iPhone, iPad and Mac seamlessly when using functions Handoff and Universal Clipboard.

Cook said that he uses a Mac at work and iPad at home and in travel. The first computer of the head of the Apple IIc was released in 1984.



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