Telegram lock by blocking IP addresses will not be

Заблокировать Telegram посредством блокировки IP-адресов невозможно

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev in conversation with RIA Novosti noted that the blocking of Telegram messenger by blocking the IP to anything good will not.

Messenger is an application, not a website. And block it by blocking IP addresses is impossible and the war will continue forever, even given the fact that the client part of the Telegram is open source, it is possible to analyze and to understand how it works.

According to him, it is better to find a compromise and start fighting with illegal content. According to the software developer Flexbby, the continuation of the conflict could cost Russian companies in billion losses. Today, Roskomnadzor has received more than 46 thousand complaints.

The Internet Ombudsman is an official person acting as a negotiator between government agencies and Internet organizations. In its competence includes support for Internet initiatives and the development of the Internet industry in Russia.

April 16, Roskomnadzor on the decision of Tagansky court of Moscow has started blocking messenger Telegram. Still messenger most users can normally work, the others resorted to simple methods of lock bypass.

As a result of actions of RKN was blocked more than 16 million IP addresses, which resulted in failures of Google, Amazon and a number of Russian companies. Yesterday for the first time about the situation called «Yandex».


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