Shure introduced earplugs for 1 $ 999

Shure представила затычки за 1 999 долларов

American manufacturer of audio equipment, Shure introduced the electrostatic system KSE1200. Novelty is a more affordable version KSE1500 presented in 2015.

Shure представила затычки за 1 999 долларов1
Equipment Shure KSE1200

Electrostatic system promises detailed and accurate sound due to its low distortion and fast response to signals. For it to work you need a high polarizing voltage is generated by a special amplifier. Unlike KSE1500, KSE1200 not included digital signal processor that has allowed to reduce the price tag one thousand dollars.

Shure KSE1200 is already available for order on the official website at a price of 1 999 $ (~125 thousand).


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