Roskomnadzor is preparing a new millions in fines for Google

Роскомнадзор готовит новые миллионные штрафы для Google

In addition to the denial of the information request of 20 billion rubles for a lock Telegram, the head of Roskomnadzor in an interview with TASS said the situation around the Google search engine.

Early in December, the Agency fined Google 500 thousand rubles for violation of the conditions of filtering of inappropriate content. Alexander Zharov sure that such a big company, this figure insignificant.

But public information about the fact that they fined in the country for violation of its laws, probably, not very pleasant event for any commercial company.

In the Department daily monitors the search engines for banned sites and «Google content filters».

In the Unified register of prohibited information includes sites with availability of: child pornography, incitement to suicide, propaganda of drugs, gambling, extremism, and other content, but the assurance Zharov, «in no way does not fall into the category of «political» content.»

In compliance with conditions of the registry is already connected «Yandex»,, Rambler and «Satellite». If Google begins to comply with the requirements of Roskomnadzor, the company expects the new, larger fines.


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