Released Android Things OS Developer Preview 8

Выпущена Android Things OS Developer Preview 8

Represented in 2016 the Lite version for Android devices the «Internet of things» Things the Android OS continues to receive updates. Eighth preliminary version was pre-release, which presents the final API.


  • Added support for configuring the Bluetooth capabilities I/O to BluetoothConfigManager
  • InputDriver updated to support more types of input events
  • Added support for the WifiP2pManager API to control connection peer-to-peer Wi-Fi networks
  • Expanded developer settings in Android Launcher Things
  • A new library for console applications

Android Things OS DP 8 can be installed on single Board computers Raspberry Pi 3, NXP i.MX7D and NXP i.MX6UL. Things in the future Android OS will be used including «smart» screens.

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