PUBG will be temporarily free for Xbox One

PUBG станет временно бесплатным для Xbox One

Microsoft has announced a free period PlayerUnknown’the multiplayer shooter’s Battlegrounds for Xbox One consoles.

From 19 to 22 APR owners Xbox Live Gold subscription will receive free access to the game without any limitations. All the progress made during the free period will be maintained in the case of the purchase of the game.

PlayerUnknown»s Battlegrounds — multiplayer shooter in which 100 real players land on a card. Of them, only one will survive. To become the sole survivors need to search the buildings on a piece of gear and weapons to eliminate the other players and stay in the zone of battle, which is continually shrinking, pushing the players not to sit still.

In addition to the Xbox One, the game is available for PC, iOS and Android. Version for mobile devices is free.


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