In the Telegram X for iOS now built-in proxies

В Telegram X для iOS появилось встроенное прокси

In the alpha version of Telegram for iOS X and the beta version of macOS has a built-in proxy from the Telegram. Also, the app can save multiple proxies and switch between them with a button that appears above the list of chats.

Private proxies from Telegram will allow users to look for third-party services that offer a bypass through their servers, and the ability to save multiple logins for the proxy to switch over quickly in the case of malfunction of one of the proxy servers.

В Telegram X для iOS появилось встроенное прокси1

В Telegram X для iOS появилось встроенное прокси2

Meanwhile, Roskomnadzor has blocked nearly 18 million IP addresses, violating the work of Google and many sites. According to the information services statistics TGStat and Combot, Telegram for week blocking lost about 3% of the Russian audience.


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