IKEA has released a wireless speakers Eneby

IKEA выпустила беспроводные колонки Eneby

Trading network for the sale of furniture and home goods, IKEA launches wireless Eneby square column of its own production.

The device is available in two variations: portable speakers with handle size 20×20 cm and larger stationary model with dimensions 30×30 cm in Addition to Bluetooth connection (up to eight devices), the speakers offer a 3.5 mm audio Jack.

IKEA выпустила беспроводные колонки Eneby1

IKEA выпустила беспроводные колонки Eneby2

IKEA выпустила беспроводные колонки Eneby3

Eneby is available in black and white at a price of $ 49 (~3 thousand rubles) for the small model and $ 89 (~5 600 rubles) for the large version. Characteristics of installed emitters were not disclosed.

In addition to speakers IKEA sells them for the stand $ 10 (~600 rubles) and removable batteries for $ 20 (~1 300 rubles) for portable models. One battery last for 10 hours of battery life. While speakers Eneby available only in retail stores.



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