Google released Wear OS Developer Preview 2

Google выпустила Wear OS Developer Preview 2

Google has released a second test build of OS Wear Developer Preview. The update rolls back some changes to the previous build and brings a number of innovations.

Roll back changes:

  • Google introduces an exception for applications that require work in the background. Previously, the search giant wanted to get rid of them use only the dials work in the background;
  • Removed the change to disable Wi-Fi when Bluetooth is turned off.

For developers Wear Developer Preview 2 OS brings OS for wearable devices technology support Actions, allowing the assistant to Google to interact with third-party applications and services.

In addition, Google has added Wear OS in enhanced mode saving energy when the clock is disabled, wireless modules, display and a gesture to the screen when lifting the arm. In this mode, the watch shows the special dial. To see the time, the user should press and hold it will turn off the power saving mode.

As the first test Assembly, Wear OS Developer Preview 2 is available for the Huawei Watch 2 and Watch 2 Classic. It is not recommended to install for everyday use, as it contains errors and can lead to incorrect operation of the device.

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