Co-founder of WhatsApp announced his departure from the company

Сооснователь WhatsApp объявил об уходе из компании

Executive Director and co-founder of WhatsApp, Jan koum leaves the company-the owner of the Facebook messenger. He also will leave the post in the Board of Directors of the social network.

I’m leaving WhatsApp in a time when it is more than I could imagine. Team messenger is stronger than ever, and it will continue to create amazing things.
I’ll need some time to decide what I want to do outside of technology, for example, I collect rare Porsche air-cooled to do their cars and play Frisbee.

WhatsApp called his basic principles on the independence and integrity of user data, confirming that the introduction of end-to-end encryption in 2016. However, managers of Facebook believed that taking the protection of the messenger and begin processing user data for targeting advertisements to bring WhatsApp to self-sufficiency.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp the godfather and the second co-founder Brian Acton in year 2014 for 19 billion dollars. Acton left the company in 2017, joining the campaign and donating DeleteFacebook secure messenger Signal $ 50 million.

Washington Post


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