Bose headphones can become a liquid

Наушники Bose смогут превращаться в жидкость

Us company Bose has filed a patent and trademark office, a patent for the usage of materials that change their physical state.

The document registers a number of examples of the use of design in-ear earphone polymers with a mixture of materials that change physical state between solid and liquid depending on the temperature of the skin with which they come in contact.

Наушники Bose смогут превращаться в жидкость1

The content in polymer material changes its physical state varies from 10 to 70 percent by weight, and the rigidity of the polymer varies from 5 to 50 units of shore A.

You need to consider that the registration of a patent does not guarantee the appearance of such features in the headphones Bose.

The patent and trademark office


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