13 in iOS Apple focuses on the innovations for iPad

В iOS 13 Apple сфокусируется на нововведениях для iPad

According to IT journalist Mark Gurman, Apple will focus on new features for iPad in iOS 13, which will be released next year. The OS version is already in development under the code name Yukon.

13 iPad in iOS will be updated in the app «Files» tab in system apps like the same in macOS, the ability to split one app into two Windows multitasking Split View, and improvements in Apple Pencil.

To change the home screen design, although previously it was thought that redesign is planned for the desktop in the iOS 12, but in this version, Apple has decided to focus on improving the stability of the system.

iOS 11 also became a «giant leap for iPad»: Apple got the dock for apps on the desktop and drag and drop content between Windows.


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