YouTube is testing algorithmic feed subscriptions

YouTube тестирует алгоритмическую ленту подписок

A Twitter user was outraged by the fact that in his account of the YouTube feed subscriptions are displayed in chronological order. Official Twitter account of YouTube in the answer confirmed that the service is experimenting with a ribbon of feed subscriptions.

Details of the tested feature yet, but it is obvious that YouTube is going to apply machine learning algorithms to determine the most interesting for users video. Assessment may be based on the percentage of reviewed and missed any of the videos for a particular channel.

Algorithmic news feed is already working in Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and Twitter.

YouTube is also testing a new kind of minimized video in the mobile app. In addition to the miniatures, which was previously now displays the name of the video and channel, as well as a pause button. Swipe the thumbnail towards more impossible: to close the video there is a separate key, or you can swapnote down.

YouTube тестирует алгоритмическую ленту подписок1
Before the innovation
YouTube тестирует алгоритмическую ленту подписок2


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