«Yandex» has introduced a smart column «Station» with voice assistant Alice

«Яндекс» представила умную колонку «Станцию» с голосовым ассистентом Алисой

May 29 at the annual conference Yet another Conference the company «Yandex» has presented the first device of the smart column with a voice assistant «Yandex.Station.» The device was announced personally by the co-founder and CEO Arkady Volozh.

The word «Station» symbolic. First, it is the analogy with the launch of the space station, and secondly, the device combines all services of «Yandex».

Aluminum case, two colors: black and silver. Textile casings are interchangeable, the choice of too few color versions that can be purchased separately. They can be removed and use the speaker in «naked» form.

In Stations there are four microphones, five speakers (three active and two passive) and subwoofer. The sound appears on two channels, smart sound optimisation, in particular, the offset of the MIDs (vocals and voice) down to the subwoofer to the column to better hear voice commands. Processor made 4-core Cortex A53 from Allwinner 1.3 GHz, inside 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of permanent memory.

«Яндекс» представила умную колонку «Станцию» с голосовым ассистентом Алисой1

On top of the casing, the button to activate Alice and off microphones. They shut down not on the level of the software and on the hardware level — they are not powered, and this additional safety. There is also a ring with lights, which governs the volume. Rear two connectors: one for power, and the second HDMI to connect the speakers to the TV or monitor.

«Yandex.Station» is actually the home to all services of the company, so to use will need an account «Yandex». Separately, there are three main modes of operation:

  1. Voice assistant;
  2. Music column;
  3. Home theater.

«Яндекс» представила умную колонку «Станцию» с голосовым ассистентом Алисой2

«Яндекс» представила умную колонку «Станцию» с голосовым ассистентом Алисой3

«Яндекс» представила умную колонку «Станцию» с голосовым ассистентом Алисой4

«Яндекс» представила умную колонку «Станцию» с голосовым ассистентом Алисой5

Brand assistant Alice constantly waiting for a voice command (say «Alice») and knows how everything is the same as its mobile version. It is possible to ask any questions, play games and search the Internet. «Station» is fully controlled by voice and understands the context.

The device has an integrated «Yandex.Music», so the column will give advice and accommodate your musical preferences. Alice can turn the music to the genre, mood or a specific album or song. Moreover, the column does not require Internet connection — if network becomes disconnected, the «Station» will work on Bluetooth 4.1. Later promise, to combine multiple columns into one system.

«Yandex.Station» runs on the Android operating system, but to run anything will not work — the developers need to optimize the application. The company States that it will not limit the operation of services and applications. In theory at «the Station» can make some Apple Music or Spotify. There is support for video services like YouTube and IVI. On command you can find the «cat videos» or «movies by Quentin Tarantino».

«Яндекс» представила умную колонку «Станцию» с голосовым ассистентом Алисой6

«Yandex.Station» will cost 9990 rubles. Sales will begin this summer, but the exact date yet. In the present device each to buy will get 2 months of IVI, 3 months «Imediately» and 12 months «Kinopoisk» and «Yandex.Music.»

In addition, «Yandex» has launched a new subscription «Yandex plus», which includes full access to «Yandex.Music», discounts on premium classes «Yandex.Taxi», special rates for car sharing «Yandex.Drive» the extra space «Yandex.Drive» free movies and TV shows on the «Kinopoisk» and free shipping in the marketplace «Take!», which is still in beta.


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