Tweetbot 3 for Mac — dark skin and aggressive round icon

Tweetbot 3 для Mac — тёмная тема и агрессивная круглая иконка

The new version of Tweetbot for Mac, Tapbots has received from new features, design improvements and, finally, a round icon. What’s new:

  • Extended sidebar. Users can now change the size of the sidebar and choose between the normal version with the navigation icons or extended with text symbols, sub-accounts, mentions, messages, lists, and others.
  • The dark theme. One of the most anticipated innovations. Tweetbot 3 for Mac now with dark theme, which will reduce eye strain in low light conditions.
  • Setting media playback. Videos and GIF-animations in the ribbon will launch automatically without having to press the mouse — you can disable in the settings.
  • Screens. Fine tuning of blocking tweets from users for a particular word or hashtag. Create a limited time filters to avoid, for example, spoilers for the movies.
  • Sync data with iCloud.
  • New view photo gallery when clicked.
  • Added optional captions photos after you download tweet.

Tweetbot 3 для Mac — тёмная тема и агрессивная круглая иконка1

Tweetbot 3.0 for Mac is a paid Twitter client. The cost in the App Store is 749 rubles, US $ 9.99. The update is already available.



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