«Tinkoff mobile» reduces prices for calls and gigabytes of traffic

«Тинькофф Мобайл» снижает цены на звонки и гигабайты трафика

The mobile operator «Tinkoff mobile» announced lower prices for packages of calls and Internet. When you connect the pack with 16 GB of traffic, all packages unlimited applications («Music», «Video», «the Messengers» and «the Social network») will cost one ruble each.

Package of 600 minutes now costs 199 rubles instead of 299 and 1 200 minutes will cost 299 rubles (was 499 rubles).

Canceled traffic package 7 GB (it cost 249 rubles), instead of 8 GB for 229 rubles. The biggest package, if not to take into account full nl, 16 GB will cost 359 rubles, while the 15 GB previously cost 449 rubles.

We enable subscribers Tinkoff mobile forget about limits and stop worrying about if they will have enough gigabytes per month, for a very modest monthly fee. Now, by subscribing to the package 16 GB and four unlimited service for only 363 rubles a month, most of our clients are given their regular consumption patterns will be able to access the network with virtually no restrictions

«Tinkoff mobile» actively modifies the mesh packages: previously expanded packages of unlimited applications that do not take into account traffic, and for 49 rubles per day, users will be able to use instant messengers abroad without restrictions.


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