This summer, BMW will start production of wireless charging for electric vehicles

The Car magazine reports that this summer, BMW will start production of inductive charging for their electric vehicles.

The sides of the magazine promises the emergence of wireless charging in Europe for the hybrid sedan 5-series 530E iPerformance leased. On U.S. roads with induction charging will appear in the test mode in California.

Wireless charging for electric cars BMW is a platform that is placed in or outdoors. Charging creates an alternating magnetic field between the coil on the platform and a coil built into an electric car. In the last occurs the electrical energy transmitted to the battery.

To properly Park the vehicle over the charging station will help on-Board system. The charging process starts automatically after turning off the engine. For charging the battery 530E iPerformance capacity of 9.2 kWh will take three and a half hours.


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