The MIX will be the lightest virtual reality glasses

MIX станут самыми лёгкими очками виртуальной реальности

ANTVR — a Singapore company that produces devices for augmented and virtual reality managed eight hours to collect 50 thousand dollars for production of eyeglasses MIX.

MIX — it points weight 130 g used to play back content for SteamVR via PC in virtual or augmented reality. Display mode adjusts the divisor: by default it is transparent (AR), but can be installed black (for VR).

The device is equipped with 2.1-domovym display with a resolution of 2400×1200 dpi, dual channel hybrid optical system with a viewing angle of 96 degrees, microphone, Bluetooth module. gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer.

MIX станут самыми лёгкими очками виртуальной реальности1

MIX станут самыми лёгкими очками виртуальной реальности2

At points there is the following set of ports: 2xUSB 3.0, HDMI 1.4 and a 3.5 mm audio Jack. Despite the controller with three degrees of freedom supplied with goggles for full immersion in VR will need a set of accessories:

  • Camera for motion capture — $ 100 (~6 200 rubles);
  • The set of controllers with sensors — $ 130 (~8 100);
  • Motion sensor hands — $ 100 (~6 200 rubles);
  • Motion sensor eyes $ 190 (~11 800 rubles).

The glasses in the framework of Kickstarter campaign estimated at $ 449 (~30 thousand). Shipment of the first batch will begin in June of this year.


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