Russia dropped in the ranking of countries with cheap mobile Internet

Россия опустилась в рейтинге стран с дешёвым мобильным интернетом

Researchers Content Review in partnership with Vympelcom (brand «Beeline») has made a rating of countries with cheap mobile Internet. Russia was in eighth place with an average price of 1 GB 65.2 per ruble.

Last year, Russia was in fifth place for the year, the country overtook Poland, India and Venezuela. The price of one Gigabyte in Russia fell by 30% from 100.

Country The average cost of 1 GB (rubles)
Iran 5,4
Poland 16,8
Venezuela 23,2
Kazakhstan 49,5
India 52,8
Egypt 54,5
Pakistan 55,8
Russia 65,2
Italy 95,1
Nigeria 99,1

The world average cost of 1GB mobile Internet amounted to 280,49 rubles against 379,9 rubles at the beginning of 2017. The most expensive Internet in Japan (830,7 rubles), South Korea (797,5 rubles), Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates (771 ruble).


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