Live webcast of launch of the satellite to Bangladesh on SpaceX Falcon 9

Tonight the American private company SpaceX will launch into high orbit the first satellite for Bangladesh. To do this, SpaceX uses its most advanced Falcon 9 rocket.

The satellite Bangabandhu-1 will be placed at the top of the rocket in unit 5. The tip has undergone significant changes, it became easier to land and faster again to use for running.

But the main goal of the mission is not to return the rocket, and bring Bangabandhu-1 into orbit. The satellite is designed for 35 thousand kilometers around the Earth and provide coverage of telecommunication equipment for Bangladesh and surrounding areas.

The broadcast will begin at 01:00 Moscow time on may 11. The Falcon 9 will embark on its way from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Weather yet does not portend trouble, but everything can change at the last moment. If it is not launched, the next is already scheduled for the night from Friday to Saturday, Moscow time.


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