Killer PUBG is distributed for free in Steam

Swedish Studio Landfall was released for the PC multiplayer shooter Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG), conceived as an April fool’s joke on the extremely popular multiplayer shooter PlayerUnknown»s Battlegrounds.

TABG is a typical representative of the battle Royal: the group of players (until 40 persons) are emitted at one location. Over time the map narrows the area to a random place. Task: to stay in the zone and kill all players.

However, TAGB uses a number of unusual comic mechanic. For example, «gangsta strut» for the shooting or the wild recoil of powerful weapons. In addition, the area realized falling blocks. Once it closes, slow players will come to an end.

During the first 100 hours since the release TABG is free on Steam. After the expiry of such period the game will cost $ 5 (~300 rubles). Landfall in the state that the game development took three weeks.


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