Barack and Michelle Obama will release his own show on Netflix

Барак и Мишель Обама выпустят свое шоу на Netflix

According to the announcement from Netflix, the pair will work on the scripts for the TV series, documentary films and others a few years after signing the contract.

According to Obama, «one of the simplest pleasures during our presidential term was meeting people of different generations and walks of life, and communication with them that allowed them to share their experiences with a wider audience. So Michelle and I are thrilled to be partnering with Netflix — we hope to collect and curate talented, inspiring, creative voices, giving people the opportunity to better understand each other and to tell their story with the world».

«Barack and I always believed in the power of stories to inspire us, allowing you to think differently about the world around you, and help to open your mind and heart to others.»

The partnership with the former First Couple of the United States became one of the biggest deals in the whole line of good solutions. Last year, Netflix lured the Creator of «Anatomy of gray» Sandu Rimes from ABC thanks to the hundred-millionth transaction. The author of the idea of Glee, Ryan Murphy went from 20th Century Fox Television earlier this year. For $300 million, Murphy agreed to produce movies and TV shows on the Netflix platform.

The transaction value of the Obama family and Netflix is still unknown, but media popularity is worth a lot. For example, in March publisher Penguin Random House has signed a contract worth $65 million, which includes the writing of Barack and Michelle their memoirs.

«Barack and Michelle Obama are one of the most respected and recognizable public figures in the world. They have a unique position that allows you to find and tell the stories of people who change the world around them, trying to make the world a better place.» — commented on the partnership chief Manager of content at Netflix. «We are incredibly grateful to them for what they chose Netflix as a platform to promote stories of good people».

Among the most striking public appearances Obama after leaving the presidential post has become an interview with David Letterman on his show «My Guest Needs No introduction». Barak appeared in the first issue of a new talk show with a well known leading.



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