As Wolverine and Mysterio played Deadpool

Как Росомаха и Мистерио разыграли Дэдпула

Actors Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in «X-Men», and Jake Gyllenhaal (Mysterio in «Spider-Man») played the star of «Deadpool» with Ryan Reynolds, calling him to a party in a stupid Christmas sweater.

But except for Reynolds no one did. Judging by the photos posted on Twitter, he doesn’t quite like it, but netizens began to make new faces on this picture.

Someone decided to cheer up the actor alongside others too in Christmas sweaters:

Как Росомаха и Мистерио разыграли Дэдпула1
Author: GuillaimeTC

Not without the classic «Hello darkness, my old friend»:

Как Росомаха и Мистерио разыграли Дэдпула2

«Enough. Oh, God, why? I’m not happy. I hate my life. Not funny. Please kill me» Author: Ceren şeftali the soldier Avustur

Как Росомаха и Мистерио разыграли Дэдпула3
Author Ken Plume on the sale of media assets of Fox «disney»
Как Росомаха и Мистерио разыграли Дэдпула4
A little photoshop and Marvel heroes in one photo! Author: Duong Nguyen

If Jackman and Reynolds we have already seen in the image of the superhero, Gyllenhaal have yet to appear. For the first time in the image of Mysterio, he appears in the movie «spider-Man: Away from home» with Tom Holland in July 2019.

Как Росомаха и Мистерио разыграли Дэдпула5

Actors other Troll. During recording, Hugh Jackman congratulations, happy birthday, Reynolds sang in the background a song from the musical Annie. In response, he invited Ryan and his wife in their coffee shop, but forced them to prepare their own drinks independently.


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