Vulnerability in Google’s Chromecast and Home could become the cause of the leak location

Уязвимость в Google Home и Chromecast могла стать причиной утечки местоположения

The computer security expert Craig young found that «smart» column of the Google Home and the Chromecast dongle can help the attacker to discover the location of the building in which they are installed.

Google Chromecast Home and not authenticiteit requests from other devices on the network. So if you have a Wi-Fi network in addition to the speakers, or media player, mobile phone or computer, the attacker is able to request from the devices list of Wi-Fi networks nearby. Thanks to it the Google Location Services can find the location accurate to 10 meters.

To attack is quite minute, and a message list can contain malicious in the advertisement or even tweet.

The vulnerability of young Google announced back in may, but first the Corporation ignored his discovery. After treatment IT professional Brian Krebs, Google did start work on a patch in the coming weeks it will start to spread to the device.


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