Telegram X Android soon massive updates

Telegram X для Android скоро масштабно обновится

Experimental client of Telegram messenger for Android X, three days received three major updates in the beta channel. Soon the changes from the Assembly beta needs to be in the final release of Telegram X.


  • The creators of the channels and conversations can get out of them in the list of chats or the page
  • To return to the group or channel is possible via the menu behind the three-dot button
  • Redesigned the logic of the removal of the chat, leave the group and channel, clean history, return to group and channel
  • Secret chats have a choice to clear the history of messages only from the source or from himself
  • Added search by blocked and restricted the rights of users in supergroups and channels
  • When you exit a group, you can choose options with a system and that the conversation remains in the list of chats
  • Added ability to save GIF in full screen preview
  • Appeared tab with the video in shared with a user or channel media
  • Option to remove group or channel moved to menu management
  • Updated library, TDLib and libtgvoip
  • Came complaints of stolen content
  • In privacy settings there was a point of cleaning the drafts stored in the cloud
  • The button with the three dots no longer shown if there is only one item
  • Updated pop-up when clearing recent used stickers
  • Click «Save GIF», «save to downloads/music» is now hidden in «More»menu
  • Reduced app size, reduce use of resources of the device to play video and GIF
  • Fixed dozens of bugs and bugs.

Telegram X для Android скоро масштабно обновится1

Telegram X для Android скоро масштабно обновится2

Telegram X для Android скоро масштабно обновится3

The first version of the X Telegram for Android was released in late January of this year and different from the usual client a redesigned interface, active use of gestures and accelerated work. To connect to the beta channel Telegram X in the Play Store.


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