Sony stopped selling The Crew 2 in Russia

Due to problems with the launch racing simulator The Crew 2 on the PS4 console, Sony has stopped selling the game in Russia. Nevertheless, the project can be found on the «shelves» of the British or German PS Store.

First error, code number CE-34878-0 has faced the owners of the «gold» edition costing 5899 roubles, which was promised early access to the game three days before release. 29 June, when The Crew was officially released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the situation with the consoles PlayStation has not changed: the game still refused to run.

Players «stormed» the official forum that Ubisoft advised to reinstall the game to restore your console’s hard drive, reboot the console and router. None of the proposed solutions did not yield results.

The problem Ubisoft advises to contact Sony, and that, in turn, sends players to the French developer. It seems that the situation is so tired of Japanese companies that took drastic measures.

Not without problems and running the game on the PC. Steam buyers are not received in time activation key Uplay. And only on Xbox One with The Crew 2 not observed no problems.


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