Mail.Ru launched an email service for users of «Vkontakte» and «Classmates»

Mail.Ru запустила сервис рассылок для пользователей «ВКонтакте» и «Одноклассников»

Mail.Ru Group launches email Notify. The platform is designed for online stores, banks and other companies that send users notifications via SMS. Mail.Ru offers to send them in «Vkontakte» or «Classmates», but only with explicit permission of the user.

Each notification will cost 0,271 rubles for the sending organization, for users free. It is much cheaper than traditional SMS or sending via Viber price reports in the past is 68 cents. The sender does not receive information about the user, it will only send status notification. In the message he can use photos and videos. Mailings are moderated to prevent spam.

According to market players, the Notify will not be able to replace SMS due to lower reliability: the user may be out of Internet access or time to ignore the notification. Besides, the person is difficult to accurately identify in the social network, which may be critical for banks.


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