iPhone share your location when you call 911

iPhone сообщит своё местоположение при звонке в 911

Apple announced a new feature for future iOS updates 12, to be held this fall. Since its release, the iPhone can send data about the user’s location when you call in service of rescue 911.

For location tracking technology will be used the HELO provided by Apple in 2015. It monitors the user’s cell towers, GPS and Wi-Fi. The goal was to «make friends» HELO with the call centers 911 fell on the shoulders of the partner company RapidSOS.

Apple notes that currently about 80 percent of all calls to 911 are made from mobile devices. The Federal communications Commission requires US to determine the user’s location to within 50 meters. The American company already meets this requirement.

In addition, Apple stressed that only call centers 911 will receive data about the user’s location during an emergency call.

Whether in the future the company to introduce a similar service in other countries, not reported. For example, in Russia there is a single number call emergency services — 112.



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