Instagram is testing reaction to history

Instagram тестирует реакции на истории

Two years ago, Facebook, in addition to the usual husky, there was a reaction on posts. A year after their announcement and added in comments and then Facebook Messenger. Finally, a year later, the company decided to do the same with their other product — Instagram.

Testing the function started at the very beginning of the year, she has appeared regularly in users from Mexico and other countries, but officially said nothing about it and the design looked quite damp. Emoji appeared only in the response to the story, and it was not clear their purpose.

Instagram тестирует реакции на истории1

Now the reactions in the «Stories» had its own button to the left of the line set of messages instead of the camera, which is moved to the right.

Instagram тестирует реакции на истории2

Instagram тестирует реакции на истории3

Instagram тестирует реакции на истории4

Instagram тестирует реакции на истории5

While there are only six responses, including applause, laughter, tears, eyes, hearts, face with open-mouthed, crying face and the fire.

Probably soon Instagram will officially unveil the update and open the long-awaited response to all users.


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