In Overwatch there will be one more mobile tank

Blizzard introduced the new champion for multiplayer shooter Overwatch — RAM.

The RAM is movable tank with rapid-fire guns, with a large scatter. In addition to the shooting, the hero can damage the «rolling» at the enemies in the mode globe.

Along with the RAM, Blizzard introduces a new mechanic of movement. The hero is endowed with a hook, which you can use to swing the ball and thus gain speed. Moreover, the «buildup» may direct the hero to the sky. Gaining altitude, the RAM is able to collapse on the ground and deal tons of damage.

«Adaptive shield» RAM forces the hero to rush into battle. The more enemies surround the champion, the more effective the shield after activation. Ultimate RAM scatters mines activated after some time.

Inside spheroid fur, referred to as RAM, is a charming hamster Hammond who received an incredible intelligence in experiments in lunar colony «Horizon».

The revolt of the gorillas allowed Hammond to escape from the moon to the Earth. The basis for the fur was a rescue capsule in which a hamster has survived space travel.

Overwatch is a multiplayer competitive shooter for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Feature of the game is the presence of the 27 unique characters, divided into three classes. To win, players will have to not only shoot accurately, but also competently to team, combining Champions.


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