How to get root access on a Chromebook?

Как получить root-права на Chromebook?

The user nolirium created a project Aroc, which allows you to gain root access for an Android component of the operating system Chrome OS.

Chrome OS received support for Android apps a few years ago. For their implementation subsystem of Android running inside the host OS. The project Aroc for this subsystem on the basis of Chrome OS versions 54-67 possible to write and read the root directory, and use apps like Xposed.

Remember, all actions you perform at your own risk.

To obtain root-rights will need a device on Chrome OS with support for Android applications (the list is on the website Chromium) free, and 2 GB under /usr/local. Chromebook must be placed into developer mode, and disabled rootfs verification.

Rootfs verification can be disabled with the following command:

sudo /usr/share/vboot/bin/ —remove_rootfs_verification —partitions $(( $(rootdev -s | sed -r ‘s/.*(.)$/1/’) — 1))

Type in a terminal Chrome OS this command to load and execute the script to obtain a root:

curl-Ls | sudo sh

After rebooting the device you can download from the Play Store the app Root Checker or any other with the same functionality and check for root permissions.

If the script above had not produced the desired result, you can use the scripts individually. After each of the following commands will need to restart the Chromebook.

curl-Ls | sudo sh

curl-Ls | sudo sh

Updates Chrome OS will overwrite any changes to the rootfs, so after the update the system will need to redo the above command. To remove root you will need to either restore a backup, or to trigger the update of the system. Full instructions can be found in the blog nolirium.


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