Forza Horizon 4 «leaked» a few months before release

PC users running Windows 10, have made pre-order of Forza Horizon simulator 4, was able to download the game, weighing in at 90 GB for three months before release. Recall that the release is scheduled for October 2 for PC and Xbox One.

Unfortunately, to run the game yet, but fans learned files of the simulator. In them was found a list of cars, numbering 488 vehicles.

Some fans of the series have already managed to upset, since discovered the list again, there was no place for the Japanese brand Toyota. According to the leak, Forza Horizon 4 includes motor vehicles of the following brands: Volkswagen, Subaru, Renault, Porsche, Nissan, Mercedes, Mazda, Lotus, Lamborghini, Honda, Ford, Ferrari, Chevy, BMW and Audi.

The cause of the leak is still unknown.


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