Developers of third-party apps for Gmail can read your correspondence

Разработчики сторонних приложений для Gmail могут читать ваши переписки

Employees of companies that are developing application using API Gmail, can read the correspondence of users. This publication reports The Wall Street Journal.

We are talking about applications that the user is explicitly allowed «reading, sending and deleting email messages». However, it was believed that these actions are performed automatically by the computer, but to configure these systems involve people. Thus, according to the WSJ, an employee of the developer tools for email marketing Return Path read 8 thousand custom letters.

Google explained that the Gmail API access get only verified developers and only with the consent of the user. Previously, the company itself has scanned the mailboxes to display personalized advertising, but in 2017, after a series of scandals, this practice was abandoned.

In addition, the Corporation offers a page with all connected to the account applications. It is possible to revoke access from more unnecessary services.


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