Android Reports received the web-version

Android Сообщения получили веб-версию

Google launched a web version of Android Messages for SMS and email messages over Wi-Fi or mobile network.

The version of the service browser allows you to do the same as a mobile app for Android: send and receive messages, share the images, stickers, emoticons, Emoji.

Android Сообщения получили веб-версию1

Android Сообщения получили веб-версию2

Android Сообщения получили веб-версию3

Everything else the mobile application has received a few changes:

  • Added search GIF images
  • Added quick answers
  • Added preview links
  • Added the ability to copy one-time security code with one touch

While the web version of messenger works only in the United States. Its launch in other countries will take some time.



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