Virgin Galactic made the third step to space tourism

Virgin Galactic сделала третий шаг к космическому туризму

The third run Vss Unity of the Shuttle, which in the future will have to make regular tourist flights into earth orbit.

Two test pilots cycled the engine by 42 seconds and could reach a height of 51 thousand meters of runup at Mach 2.47. And last time managed to conquer the height of 35.4 thousand meters, and the speed was 1.9 Mach. A gradual increase allows pilots to learn and get used to such an unusual flight conditions.

Though these results are far from the desired mark of 100 000 meters, they easily compete with military aircraft. For example the MiG 25 has set an absolute record 36 700 meters.

If you believe the words of Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, to begin scheduled flights to orbit will take not years, but months. By the way, back in 2014 it sold 700 tickets at $ 250,000 each.


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