The new iPad Pro will lose the headphone Jack

Новые iPad Pro лишатся разъёма для наушников

Macotakara has shared information regarding the next generation iPad Pro, the announcement of which is expected in autumn this year.

According to the leak, the plates will have edge-to-edge displays, thereby reduced the size of the case: from of 250.6×estimated at 174.1×6.1 to of 247.5×178,7×6 mm for the 10.5-inch model and from 305,7×220,6×6.9 to 280×215×6.4 mm for the tablet 12.9 inches.

Новые iPad Pro лишатся разъёма для наушников1

On top of the rumors promise TrueDepth camera, no 3.5 mm audio output and plug adapter kit, and a new keyboard-covers-working with the tablet in portrait orientation. The connector for the keyboard would be located near the Lightning port.


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