The cards of Google Now in the wizard now open gesture

Карточки из Google Now в Ассистенте теперь открываются жестом

Google continues to be updated. Appeared in the middle of July menu Visual Snapshot that displays «smart» cards from Google Now deceased, now opens with a gesture.

Previously, the page with tips and useful information volunteered by tap on a separate button in the Assistant interface, now just swipe up. At this hint the words «Swipe up to see your updates» at the top of the pop-up assistant.

Slightly changed the design of Google Assistant: no shade at the tips, the font is thicker and darker, and a pop-up window with a welcome question from the service became less.

The update came from a very small number of users: as usual, Google is testing the feature on a limited sample.

On 4 August, Google received the support of the Russian language: an assistant not only understands the commands and replies in Russian, but also knows many sayings and even memes.


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