Strip under the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro does not protect from sand

Прокладка под клавиатурой новых MacBook Pro не спасает от песка

IFixit discovered the silicon layer under the keyboard,»butterfly» MacBook Pro (2018) does save from dust. To such conclusion experts of the resource by testing the keyboard.

iFixit keyboard sprinkled with powder paint in order to evaluate the security mechanisms of the keyboard. As it turned out, the silicone membrane do well to cope with the delay of foreign objects, particularly in comparison with last year’s MacBook. However, the third generation of «butterflies» still does not protect against the ingress of substances with larger grit, such as sand.

Strip copes well with dust, because she is essentially a single sheet of silicone with cutouts for each key. In iFixit also found that the buttons are thinner, which simplifies their extraction to clean the keyboard.

Прокладка под клавиатурой новых MacBook Pro не спасает от песка1

Starting with the MacBook (2015), laptops use a keyboard with the butterfly mechanism. It is much thinner than the usual «scissors», but more vulnerable to dust and crumbs. Many users they blocked the key, which Apple had to repair this keypad free. MacBook Pro (2018) the Corporation introduced a third version of the mechanism, but had not declared that it solves the problem of «sticking».


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