OnePlus has announced 6 new features for their devices

OnePlus анонсировала 6 новых функций для своих устройств

OnePlus held in India Ears Open Forum in which the leadership of the Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices met users. The event was announced six new functions for devices of OnePlus.

The company has promised to continue the fight with the effect of «oil colors» observed in the photographs OnePlus OnePlus 6 and 5/5T. Everything else the last two the device waits for a portrait shooting mode for front camera is available only for OnePlus 6.

In the original shell OxygenOS will support additional accent colors and dark theme for the sidebar Shelf.

The built-in app to backup OnePlus Switch will receive the «advanced mode» and the copy function of the desktop. A proprietary function for wireless data transmission FileDash «make friends» with other applications OnePlus.


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