«Live» photos Google Pixel 3 XL in white color

«Живые» фотографии Google Pixel 3 XL в белом цвете

The user of XDA Developers forum under the name Dr. guru appeared in the hands of another unannounced smartphone Google Pixel 3 XL color is «Clearly White». Unlike the first galaxy in the same colors, the rear surface of this device is completely white.

«Живые» фотографии Google Pixel 3 XL в белом цвете1

«Живые» фотографии Google Pixel 3 XL в белом цвете2

«Живые» фотографии Google Pixel 3 XL в белом цвете3

The smartphone does not boot the operating system as «Google remotely wiped» Android. However, on the screen of the Fastboot Mode shows that the merged Pixel 3 XL has 4 GB RAM type LPDDR4X made by Samsung and 64 GB of permanent flash memory.

It is known that Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will receive support wireless charging (even Corporation will release its own dock) two front-facing camera and stereo speakers. The older version will be equipped with a display diagonal of 6.2 inches with a cutout at the top. The official presentation of the devices is expected in the autumn, in the early to mid-October.


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