Honor 10 learn to shoot better in the dark

Honor 10 научится лучше снимать в темноте

Brand Honor has announced the following update for the smartphone Honor 10, with which the device will receive GPU Turbo mode and certain functions of the new image stabilization AI Image Stabilization (AIS).

AIS uses machine learning to stabilize the image when shooting with a long exposure in low light. Technology with an accuracy of 98 percent determines the position of the smartphone for 0.2 seconds, then selected the special of the shooting scene corresponding to the surrounding conditions. «The night sky», for example.

When the shutter is released, the smartphone makes a great number of pictures with different settings, which is then combined with artificial intelligence in one shot without flashes and fuzzy details.

The output of the system updates for smartphones 10 Honor is scheduled for 3 August. At the same time in Russia will begin selling Honor 10 «shimmering green» color with 64 GB of memory at a price of 26 990 rubles.


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